Because of Grenada’s African roots, storytelling is the genesis for their literary tradition. The tradition developed and evolved, incorporating English and French Creole writings.

It wasn’t until closer to 1960, however, that Grenada underwent its literary renaissance and a number of writers emerged, including short story writer Wilfred Redhead, dialect poet F.M. Coard, short story writer Paul Keens-Douglas, and children’s writer Ricardo Keens-Douglas.

Later, the Grenada Revolution acted as a second creative catalyst, giving birth to writers, poets and playwrights such as Christopher De Riggs, Francis Peters, Jacob Ross, Dr. Merle Collins, Jean Buffong, Jacob Ross, Hilda Bynoe, Maurice Patterson and Dunbar Campbell.

Today, Grenada’s literary tradition is still blossoming but fans can now enjoy literature in action with events such as the Spice Word Literary Festival and Poetry Slam.