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Bianca C

Titanic of the Caribbean, this spectacular 600 ft shipwrecked luxury cruise liner is on most advanced divers’ must-do list.

Welcome aboard the Titanic of the Caribbean! This bucket-list dive site, which is the largest, most spectacular wreck in the region, was originally an Italian luxury liner before she discovered her new home in the deep in 1961. Even the descent towards her is spectacular, as her silhouette comes in to view, followed by glimpses of sharks, eagle rays, turtles, grouper, angelfish, parrot fish and more. The wreck blooms with an expansive reef system, which includes the black coral and sponges that flourish among the wreckage. The Bianca C is a 600-foot cruise ship that sank in 1961 and lies on a sandy plain in 51 meters (167 feet) of water. The top deck lies at 27 meters (90 feet) and most dives proceed around the stern, where you can swim into the pool, visit the wheel-house on the aft deck and peer down at the sandy plain below. The unmatched beauty of the Bianca is something you simply have to see to believe.

Depth: 120 160 feet / 36 - 50 m

Level: technical

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Bianca C