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Boss Reef/Spice Island Reef

Grenada’s Barrier Reef

A barrier reef full of colourful fish with diverse corals, two of which are soft and finger corals. This dive is ideal place for beginners, the reef is a level sand garnished by a reef of finger and brain corals that supports an array of tropical fish. There are three main dive sites on this reef: The Hole starts in sand bars then descends down a slope to 15 meters (50 feet). Further along this gentle drift dive, you will come to the hole, a frequent hangout for barracuda. The Valley of the Whales is a colourful dive site where hills of coral contrast with occasional Spanish hog-fish. Forests of Dean offers vast expanses of soft brown coral ““trees”” that hide shoals of tropicals. In the sand-patches you will find rays, conch and octopus.

Depth: 30 - 80 feet / 10-25 m

Level: open-water

St. George

Boss Reef/Spice Island Reef