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Isle De Rhonde

Diving this uninhabited island is as ‘wild’ as it gets

When it comes to diving, Isle de Rhone is ‘Everest’. Hidden within the uninhabited Grenadines, this dive site reveals nature in her most pristine form and teeming with life. The island is blessed with numerous dive sites in pristine, crystal clear waters. Dramatic, underwater topography includes breath-taking drop-offs over a ‘bottomless’ vertical, coral-encrusted wall, as well as beautifully, healthy undisturbed reefs with an incredible amount of biodiversity, such as sharks, rays, lobsters, turtles, morays, and big schools of a variety of other fish. One of the highlights of this site is an underground cavern decorated with stalactites and quartz crystals: when the tide is low, it’s possible to surface inside the cavern.

Level: advanced

Uninhabited Grenadine Island

Isle De Rhonde