Beausejour Big House

It’s as beautiful today as it was in 700 A.D. when Grenada was originally populated by the indigenous Carib population. And although we call it by its French name, Beausejour was a Carib settlement first, as the Caribs chose to settle in sites that had natural resources available. In the case of Beausejour, the river, the sea, the forest and mountains ensured that plenty of resources were available for survival for survival.

Fast forward to the French occupation in 1669, when Beausejour became a sugar estate: the Big House, as it was known, occupied the top of the hill and dominated the view with its beautiful Caribbean architectural style. Today, you can still visit this beautifully preserved structure, as well as the remains of the sugar boiling house and the aqueduct that brought the water from the sea.

And, just because this is Grenada, you can also stroll down to the beach by the river, for a gentle sea bath or snorkel.

St. George