St. Patrick’s

Captivating coastlines combine with regal spice estates to make St. Patrick a truly lovely parish to visit. Located in the north of the island, the British changed the French name ‘Paroisse des Sauteurs’ to St. Patrick but the major town kept its French name of ‘Sauteurs.’

In St. Patrick’s, several tourism attractions can be found, including Leapers Hill, Levera and Bathway Beaches, Mt. Rich Petroglyphs, River Sale Hot Springs and Sauteurs, among others. St. Patricks is home to a rich musical culture clearly inspired by it’s majestic mountains and rolling atlantic shoreline, and is a perfect area to pick up locally made food prepared with ingredients from the immediate area at a great price. It is is a must-see for bird enthusiasts, as the wetlands in the area are habitat for several critically endangered bird species.

St. Patrick