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Pure Culture

‘Pure Culture’ a View of Life in Grenada, the Hidden Gem of the Caribbean

Pure Culture

Published on: October 29, 2015

Grenada, renowned for friendly, kind people who smile on the inside and out, enjoys a vibrant culture surrounded by beautiful beaches, waterfalls, rainforest, spectacular gardens, ancient forts and plantations. Numerous local festivals ignite the spirit of the nation, with unique carnivals in both Carriacou and Grenada. To name but a few, Carriacou’s Big Drum Festival, Fisherman’s Birthday, and Drumming in the Moonlight… these along with the unique maritime culture of Petite Martinique, highlight the warmth and fun loving nature of the people.

Surrounded by the glorious Caribbean Sea there are many events at waters edge, the most important of which is the Annual Workboat Regatta. There on the beach of Grand Anse, among enthusiastic crowds, locally built wooden boats compete for prizes.

The peoples of this tri-island state welcome all to a place where heart makes home and hospitality is extended with warmth and grace.